We are on a mission to help Life Wanderer’s (the everyday people) exit the Self Spiral so their purpose may become clear to them. We were not born miracles to die insignificantly. A lot about today’s society is designed to make us feel average and powerless when in reality that is so far from the truth. Every object or thing, living or otherwise has a purpose, the goal is to help you find yours.

The Self Spiral

Every child is born outside of the Self Spiral. It is that place where we can see others and can empathize with them. It is a place where we can do things that frighten us and act without thinking of ourselves first.

The center of the Self Spiral is a place called the Comfort Zone, where everything is familiar and safe, you are always right and you always come first. The problem with the center of the Self Spiral is that you are also a prisoner without the ability to see or find your purpose.

When you are focused solely on the Self, Purpose becomes clouded and when we are not working on fulfilling our purpose our very souls cry out. See example: The world today and it’s high levels of depression.

Finding Your Purpose

We were all born with Purpose. Purpose is that thing that when you do it your entire soul sings. When you are fulfilling your Purpose your heart is at rest. When you are living in your Purpose you enter a place where you vibrate with positive energy and possibility. I call that place the Zone.

Within the Self Spiral, Purpose becomes cloudy and we cannot see it. When we aren’t living in or attempting to fulfill our purpose our heart cries out. When we aren’t seeking our purpose our soul dies slowly and we are filled with pain.

It is our duty and right to be able to live a life filled with meaning. We deserve to be able to look back on our lives and know that in some way we were able to contribute to the betterment of the human race in anyway big or small. Climbing Achieve Mountain will lead you to that great destiny.

Enter the Zone

We will do everything in our power to make you addicted to Progress through the power of Escalation. Our end goal is to send you into  your personal Zone. When you are in there you become invincible and there is nothing that you cannot do.

We are all equipped with the power to enter the Zone. You can get there in one of two ways. The first way is from progress using escalation to escape the self spiral and the second way and most powerful way is when you are working in your Purpose.

Has there ever been a time where you felt hyper focus, where you were just fully on point. Where you could do this thing and time just disappeared? That is your Zone and we will teach you how to get there.

Power of Escalation

The human race physically rebels against sudden change. Our instinctive reaction to it is to attack or to protect ourselves. So it makes complete sense that we struggle with amassing willpower with our sudden decisions.

On the other hand, we were bred literally through escalation. Our minds and bodies react better with escalation because the changes are non-threatening and close enough to what we consider normal to not activate that negative and aggressive response.

Our world today, is such a everything Now world and no matter how hard we keep trying to get results instantly and failing we keep doing it. What was it they said was the definition of insanity? Trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results. How about giving Escalation a try for a change?

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