• Emilia Baptiste
    May 2, 2017 at 10:30 am #36339

    Hi, My name is Emilia Baptiste and I used to be very proud that I was a scorpio. Still kind of am. I never really believed in astrology but I always liked belonging to a group.

    My favourite superhero is Superman because I love the fact that no matter what he never waivers from his morals. I liked the Smallville version the best because I hated how in the original movies Lois claimed to love Clark and yet she just couldn’t tell that he was right in front of her. It didn’t seem like real love and I didn’t like how she made him suffer.

    I dream that one day, I will have the ability and resources to help people achieve their dreams, to help them realise that their life is a miracle and they shouldn’t spend it doing things that won’t further their goals.

    I’ve gone through and seen a lot of the negatives of the world. I am a black woman who has been working in food service industry all my adult life and in all that time I do not think that I have lost who I am or given in to the stereotypes that the world expects of me. I have been called the most horrible things and treated like I was invisible and I valued those experiences because it has taught me how not to treat others. I never want anyone to feel the way I felt when I was treated that way.

    I am terrified of planes. This stems from the fact that I am terrified of heights. Humans were not meant to fly. We aren’t Superman. However I am proud to say that this week, I am facing that fear by traveling back to my home country, St Lucia, for the first time in 16 years

    I love reading fanfiction because I love discovering young writers with amazing talent. Even at 30 I still go to anime conventions because I do not believe that age defines interests. I love a lot of things like photography and art but I have no aptitude for them and that is ok.

    My favourite book is actually a series of books call The Begariad and Malorean by David Eddings. As you probably guessed, my favourite TV show is Smallville. I also loved Stargate SG1 because Colonel Jack O’Neil was just too snarky and I liked his friendship with Teal. I am also a huge fan of earlier Supernatural and surprisingly Teen Wolf.

    I absolutely love meeting new people and making new Konnections. I believe that our purpose in life is to make Konnections with each other either through our dream occupation or through our interactions with each other. It scares me how closed off the world seems to be getting because I know that we will never reach great heights until we start seeing and helping each other.

    Anyway that’s about all I have to say. I’m glad you have visited this community and I hope we can do amazing things together.

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