13 Things to be Grateful for

Sometimes we forget to be grateful and when you are trapped in a downward spiral it’s like the important things disappear. I’d like to help you out right now with a starting list. These are just a few things to be grateful for. Please, use this as a springboard and find your own inspiration. There are unique and specific things in your life that you should be thankful for and I just want you to start realizing that they are there.


You are here. You were born a miracle and you get to experience this life. Sure it’s easy to find a million things that are not perfect but none of that matters. Things are only imperfect because you think they are. Take some time to actually marvel at life — specifically yours.

Sometimes it awes me when I think , “what’s actually keeping my heart beating?” It’s just doing this thing on it’s own.


Right now, at this very second. There are literally millions of people in hospitals all over the world praying to God to save them. While I am not making light of their plight, I want you to recognize how fortunate you truly are.

You get to wake up every morning, get up and greet the day. You are not in pain and if you chose to, you could run at least to some distance. How can you not be grateful for that


There are so many kids growing up in abusive homes or without their family. Can you pick up a phone right now and connect with someone who absolutely cares about you? Do you have a friend right now who will listen to what you have to say? Even more importantly, is there someone in your life who values your opinion?

That connection makes you one of the luckiest people on this earth. We are social creatures and having the love of those how matter to us is one of the most powerful things in the world.


You can walk into a room in your home right now and find food. There is an actual room in your house dedicated to food. If not, you can walk one or two blocks and find a restaurant, food cart or a grocery store. So you don’t have money well there are actual food banks whose job it is to provide you with food. Free of charge.

According to the World Hunger Project, more than 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to eat. Don’t take that for granted.


You have access to basic and post secondary education. If you live in a country like Canada, your access is even better as certain households get their education covered by the government. There are several countries in Europe with the same free education.

For the countries where education costs money, there are things such as loans, grants and bursaries.

This is something that you should be grateful for especially if you are a woman. In many countries, girls aren’t even allowed to go to school regardless of if they can afford it or not. The young Pakistani girl, Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head because she spoke up for female education.


If you can think it you can make it. We are fortunate to live in a world where anything you can think you can make into a reality. All you got to do is take it. There is not an opportunity that can’t be reached. All you gotta do is have the drive. You don’t need money, or connections. You just need to know that you want it bad enough.


Clean drinking water is a basic human right, yet 783 million people don’t have access to it. It is the huge factor in deaths for children under five according the the Water Project. It can’t be a coincidence that the lack of food and water have similar numbers. That means that there are people without both. Yet we can walk into a kitchen in our home and turn on a tap and trust that the water is clean. Public parks have drinking fountains. You go to a restaurant and you get unlimited free water. Schools, libraries have free drinking water. We drink it without worrying that it might be a 50/50 chance of survival. That is something to be grateful for.


You can walk outside your home today and feel safe. There are millions of men and women without that sense of safety. Whether they are in war torn countries, high crime cities, exposed to the elements or because they are attempting to co-exist with predatory animals. Sometimes I think about how lucky I am that I can walk outside alone at night and be reasonably sure that I will make it home safe. Now I am definitely not saying that I am 100% guaranteed and that there is no danger, but I am saying that I feel safe enough that I have peace of mind.


Only 150 years ago, there were millions of enslaved humans in the western world. In several countries today forms of freedom denial still exist. North Korea comes to mind. There are so many countries where you couldn’t exercise your right to say as you please. Where criticizing the political party in power would result in your imprisonment and in some cases death. Not to long ago, England had a serving class who were no better than slaves. They were punished by being unjustly imprisoned, whipped and placed into the stocks where they would be lucky if the citizens would choose rotten fruit to pelt at them instead of stones. If you look at human history, until 152 years ago, there had always been slavery. The Jews in Egypt then in Germany, the Africans to the western world.

Heck only in the last few years did gay and trans gendered persons get the right to love openly and without reservation. Some countries still actively imprison and even murder people because of their sexuality. We are born in a time in history where slavery, and denial of freedoms are looked down upon. It’s a thing that has not happened in the past. It might not last in the future but in your life time, you have the right to this freedom. Appreciate how fortunate that makes you.


A lot of kids were born after the invention of twitter and Facebook and other social medias so they do not know what it was like before when cellphones were not a thing. Imagine being lost without your phone. People figured things out in the past but with that technology getting rescued is so much easier now. Planes practically fly themselves. Surgeries are infinitely safer to undergo. Heck the Automated External Defibrillator (AED)is a miracle. It’s saved so many lives. Self serve machines help us check out at the grocery store. Drones deliver our packages. Cars are starting to drive themselves. It’s truly insane the world we live in and the rate of improvement in technology is increasing exponentially. There are artificial intelligent programs on the internet that talk to you.

Did you know that child birth is actually classified as an emergency? That’s because in the past the rate of survival between mother and child was drastically low. Now a woman goes to the hospital and comes back like it’s nothing. They check the baby for illnesses and such before they are even born! While some people still die from this 6/100,000 in Canada, according to a CBC article, that’s much better than going into child birth expecting to die.


Millions of people have died because of the lack of access to toilets. It is estimated that 1/3 people do not actually have access to a toilet to dispose of waste. Needless to say, this lack carries a risk of diseases like e coli, salmonella, and cholera to name a few. This is mainly because they either do their business in open water or they do their business and do not wash their hands. Now imagine what it would be like if somebody prepared your food after doing number two and didn’t wash their hands? Well guess what? That did happen to disastrous effects in the United States. Ever heard of Typhoid Mary? Her name was Mary Mallon. She infected 22 people, 3 of which died (Wikipedia).

This meant that she was a carrier of the Typhoid fever virus but it didn’t actually affect her. So every time she used the washroom, she would not wash her hands and would go about cooking for the rich family she was employed with. This woman knew exactly what she was doing because every time someone got sick she would move states.

Today we have health departments that enforce sanitation and every single house has at least one washroom with clean water to hand wash. Every public washroom has posters teaching HOW to hand wash. We can’t see the viruses and bacteria so imagine how horrible it would be if eating was a 50/50 chance that you would die?


Think of all the things that had to go right for humans to exist today. The Earth is in the perfect spot away from the sun where it’s not too hot or too cold. The dinosaurs no longer exist. I cannot imagine a world where dinosaurs existed and we survived. We aren’t being attacked by asteroids or rogue planets. Our planet is actually insulated mostly from meteor strikes because of Jupiter. It’s giant size pulls in any meteor that has ambitions to strike the earth. Our Sun has at least 1 billion years left, a literal eternity to a human. There is air to breathe, plenty of food, amazing views and the ability to make dreams come true. Without the events that happened 4.6 billion years ago, we would not be here and that is something to be grateful for.


You are born a miracle. Everything about you is unique and complex. Your thoughts, ideas and dreams give the human race hope and something to look forward to. The goals you aspire to achieve will carry the human race forward. So many people write themselves off as unimportant but the truth is, we are all connected. Every single one of us. Anything we accomplish sets in motion new ideas and new opportunity to flourish. A person who makes another feel happy or needed is the most powerful type of person there is. They have the power to change the world. You have that power. Be grateful for that.

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