13 Life Changing Tips to Fight Depression

13 Life Changing Tips to Fight Depression

Depression is something that most people have either suffered from or are suffering from. Sometimes it can leave you feeling alone and trapped in a dark, downward spiral. A lot of people go the medication round and I am not saying it is bad. If you are at the point where you feel that you need to medicate because you might be a danger to yourself, do it. But for those who do not like to rely on medication and who want to gain a semblance of control back over their lives, I’ve compiled a list of 13 Life Changing tips to fight with.


A lot of times, we do not realize that our surroundings can greatly reflect our inner thoughts. Cluttered surroundings speak of a mind that is restless. When we are feel like we are missing out, we tend to fill the void with things but every day when we keep seeing the things, it sends a message of chaos to our minds which keeps us feeling at a loss. Really, how much clothing, books, shoes, make up and such do we really need? Decide today and go through your things. Look at the ones you actually use regularly and create three piles, Keep, Recycle and Donate.

When you are done, you will notice how much more at peace your mind is. Getting rid of the excess also helps purge our minds and gives us room for new beginnings.

Create Goals

Feeling aimless and lost is a common theme for the human condition. Everyone on this earth has at least one dream but so many people leave this earth without accomplishing even the most basic wishes. This is because our minds do not operate with machine precision. They are more vague and flowy. When a person has a dream, it usually starts out as a vague desire. Something that they want but have never had. How can you accomplish a vague dream? By definition it’s not possible because it’s not clear.

Having meaningful and specific goals helps build a literal picture and also sends instructions to your mind. It is fact that no one accomplished anything accidentally. They set out to do it with a plan and a vision. Set goals for yourself, short term then long term. Make them as specific as you can. The more detailed, the better.

Morning Reflection

So many people start their day without aim. It’s no wonder they are not able to really accomplish anything in that day. Morning reflection is a great way to give yourself purpose for the day. What do you hope to accomplish. What are your plans? What issues do you foresee happening and how do you think you can fix it?

You can do this through meditation however not everyone has the patience for meditation so a dawn walk to think on your day is also a great idea. Start with trying it for two or three days a week. You will notice a definite change in your daily outlook.


We all know that exercising is good for us but so many of us actually do not do it. There are so many ways not exercising affects our mental and physical wellness. A lot of the time, it has to do with the way we look at this task. Hard work, effort, difficult, sweaty, can’t do it. These are some of the thoughts we associate with exercising but it doesn’t have to be that way. A person can start just by taking a brisk walk around their block. While it’s not vigorous exercise, it is exercise and works to changing one’s mental outlook.

With escalation, brisk walks can become, light jogs and before you know it you’ve signed up for a gym membership and a 5k marathon.

Reconnect with long lost friends and family

Time and people tend to drift away from us without our awareness. Before you know it, it’s been 5 years since you last spoke to an important friend. It does not happen immediately. It’s always I’ll call them tomorrow. I’ll call them next week, then the same when next week comes over and over again until we forget that we wanted to call them in the first place.

Take some time and reach out. You cannot imagine how great it will feel to speak to that person again after so long. It will lift you up and make you feel connected. Human beings are social creatures. The more people we have around us, the happier we are.


Journaling has such a bad reputation. A lot of people associate it with being girly because of movies and teen shows but actually this is one of the most therapeutic things a person could do. There are often times when we do not realize where our head is at. If a person just started purging into a journal, they would be surprised at what truths come out. The greatest advice I could give is to start journaling.

Be Grateful

A person who is grateful for the little and great things is aware of their surroundings. When we feel bad mentally or emotionally, it means that we are trapped focusing internally. Being trapped internally can start a negative downward spiral that can leave you feeling out of control. If you took a little bit of time every day to be grateful for something, it could help pull you outside of the darkness.

Live in the present

We are all guilty of “living in the future where our perfect lives are”. So many people are too busy wishing for the amazing future that they’ve always dreamt of that they miss the important things happening around them. Not only that but because most people are so busy dreaming, they don’t actually do anything to make that perfect future a reality. That perfect future is not a fixed point in time. It’s an illusive distant destination that keeps getting pushed back to next year and in three, five years and before they know it, the time has passed and life is over.

Dreaming of a better life is a great motivator but don’t get lost in dreams. Instead keep it as a destination and work towards it everyday. Not only that but notice what you do have today. The people who care about you and are around you. The things you accomplished.

Live within your means

The state of debt in today’s world is ridiculous. So many people keep borrowing money that they have no hope of paying off. In turn all they end up doing is paying interest. Always be aware of what you do own and live that lifestyle. If you want to feel rich then do things that will make you feel that way or change your life style to accommodate. A lot of people live like they are rich and hope that the wealth will come later but it’s the opposite way that works. Live within your means and when your means increase, then improve your lifestyle.

Don’t Dream impossible things

Dreams are amazing. They give our lives purpose and make life living worth living. I encourage everyone to follow and work towards their dreams. I have been noticing however that people are using dreams as a means to not accomplish. They make the dream HUGE, put it on a pedestal and then think that it’s too big to accomplish and don’t even try.

Again, I am a huge fan of big dreams but to attain that HUGE dream you have to make it manageable and then scale. You do not have it yet. It’s like a beggar wishing to be a millionaire while still begging for change. It’s too vast a step. Too intimidating. Instead that beggar should first wish for food, then shelter, then a home to change his or her life, then a job, then a career, etc. Scale until you can reach that goal of a million dollars. It’s not impossible it’s just that going from 0-100 intimidates the mind and people end up not achieving because of it.

Step outside your comfort zone

I am convinced that depression exists because of our comfort zone. A person trapped in their comfort zone might be dreaming of something outside that zone but feels trapped and helpless. The very definition of a depression. So many people think that their lives will change even though they do the same things over and over again. That is the definition of insanity. Expecting things to change while doing the same thing.

A comfort zone is by definition comfortable so I can understand why no one would want to leave a comfortable place and head to a place of discomfort but it is necessary. If the same things you have been doing does not work. Try something new. Its like throwing a rock into still waters. A lot of movement and difference and action and reaction. It’s frightening but amazing. Try it sometime. You will see.

Love yourself

We love everybody more than we love ourselves. We give all the love and keep none for us. If we could spare even a second to say the same amazing things to ourselves as we do to others, our state of mind would be a million times better. As soon as you walk up in the morning. Hug yourself. When you accomplish something, even if it’s something small. Tell yourself Good job or you did good. It has so much power.

Why do we have the time to say horrible berating things about ourselves but we can’t spare a second to recognize our accomplishments? If berating ourselves has the power to make us feel inferior, imagine what being thankful and kind to ourselves could do.

Set Schedules / Deadlines

It sounds so matter of fact but a lot of people do not do this. Our mind is not a specific type of machine. It deals in whimsy. So you might be saying Next year I am going to do [insert something] but the thing is that to your mind, next year starts today. So when you say it to a friend in a month, you will say, “Next year I’m going to do [insert something] and to your mind next year starts on that day so before you know it, it’s always next year and the illusive start date gets pushed back indefinitely.

When you set a schedule or a deadline, it gives your mind something specific to focus on and suddenly the time is passing by as time tends to do. You will find yourself actually working towards the deadline instead of waiting for that never coming next year

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