Knowledge Brings us Freedom

​Knowledge is the key to self awareness. The more of it we have the more our flaws and faults become apparent. Specificity, generality it does not matter as long as that thread of curiosity does not die. Free yourself

Let’s go on a journey together.

Imagine a space that is as infinite as it is empty. The sky is limitless and all around you is just white nothingness. This is a representation of a person who has no knowledge. Every single person is born into their own infinite and empty plane.

The goal of this place is to build a house. How then can you build a house if you do not know how? Houses are built with knowledge and the more knowledge you have the bigger your house is.

You are essentially world building. The blocks your knowledge. A person who is content to only know limited things therefore cannot build much in that infinite space. Yet because he or she does not know any better, they cannot see just how vast their potential is. We are given infinite space with the potential to absorb any and everything. With that in mind who settles for building a shanty or a tent?

Every human being on this planet should strive to fill that emptiness with amazing things. You cannot know what you are capable of if you do not know what is out there. Go to the library today and pick a topic. You don’t have to stick with it, just read about it. Write down a list of things that interest you that you don’t know about and learn about it. Every new thing you learn represents a room in that house that you are building.

If you could live in a mansion and all it cost to build was knowledge, why would you settle for living in a tent.

The truth is that when we limit our knowledge, we do ourselves a disservice. Imagine that you are looking at a thing. Anything but you do not have any knowledge on it, how can you truly understand it? You rob yourself of knowing it’s true beauty and complexity. 

Everything in our universe is so detailed an nuanced and just a joy to learn about but we limit ourselves and accept things at their face value.

If you took just a little bit of time to fully understand new things you would come to the realization that nothing is as it first appears but that only comes with knowing.

Knowledge doesn’t just mean school. It can mean self knowledge, experience and communication. It also means seeing things from a perspective that is not your own. 

Our perspectives cloud and muddy things sometimes because we see the thing in relation to our values and that sometimes distorts it’s true meaning or image. 

Give it a try. It’s scary at times learning new things because it forces you to question what you think you know but it’s worth it in the end to get a better understanding of our incredibly complicated world.

Why would anyone choose to live in a tent when they can have a mansion?

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