I believe that everyone should get the chance to live their version of a fulfilled life.

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The Four Stages

Stage One – General Knowledge

The first stage – General Knowledge, focuses on understanding the reasons why the human race as a whole reacts and responds the way that they do to certain things and what that means to you as the individual. The first step is always understanding.

Stage Two – Relation/Connection

Relation/Connection focuses on you personally. It’s all about finding out your reasons. Under all the things that we believe and tell ourselves, there is always a deeper reason why we are or feel the way we do. R/C focuses on bringing it from the subconscious to your awareness.

Stage Three – Application

Application involves taking the necessary steps to conquer the original issue. It is doing a specific series of actions to get you back on the track that you feel you should be on.

Stage Four – Follow Up

Follow Up are your after the program actions. This focuses on the things you have to do on a continual basis to ensure that you never get to the point where you need help or if you do find yourself lapsing, how to get back on track.

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